What to do with a broken handle

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It’s quite common for people to experience problems with their window handles. With a lot of use over time, handles can become stiff and difficult to close, or even become completely limp, stopping you from shutting and locking your windows securely.

So what do you do if your window handle is broken?

Don’t panic. For an experience glazier, fixing a window handle is no problem at all. If you can still shut your window and keep your house secure, you can arrange an appointment with a glazier to come round and take a look. Sometimes the existing handle can simply be adjusted, as parts of the mechanism shift over time. If not, replacing a handle mechanism is a quick and easy job for a qualified glazier, so either way your situation can be remedied, pronto.

If your house is no longer secure because of the broken window handle, and it’s out of normal working hours, it’s worth calling an emergency glazier. They can come out and look at it straight away, to give you peace of mind. There is an additional charge for out of hours work like this, but if you can’t shut a ground floor window and you’re worried about the security of your home, it’s worth paying a little extra to get it sorted out straight away.

Why is my handle broken?

Usually, handles become unruly with wear and tear. If you think about it, the mechanism that opens and shuts your window does a lot of work over the months and years, so it’s understandable that they can get to the point where they need a little TLC.

On very rare occasions, there may be a faulty part within the mechanism. If your windows aren’t very old and you’re having issues with a handle, this may well be the case. It does happen from time to time. Even so, a glazier can still remedy the situation for you.

If you’re having issues with your window handles, give us a call on 01908 310007 or email sales@ukeg.co.uk to arrange for one of our glaziers to come and sort it out for you.  

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