Splashbacks for kitchens

Clear kitchen splashback for hob

Most of the time, kitchen splashbacks are made of tile, right? The tiles on the walls of your kitchen just carry on along the back of your hob. But that’s not the only option available. If you want something a little different, why not go for a glass splashback?

The point of a splashback is to stop any drops of what you’re cooking on the hob from damaging the paintwork on your walls. It’s hard to clean bits of bolognese and stew off a painted wall! So most of the time, people have tiles that are much easier to wipe clean. But there are still gaps in between tiles that are filled with grout, and that can be just as tricky to clean.

That’s what makes glass such a good option. Glass is just one smooth surface so it’s super easy to clean. Just a spray of glass cleaner and a quick wipe, and you’re done!

Plus, if you want a certain look for your kitchen, glass is very versatile. It’s much more modern and fresh than the traditional tiled option, and there are so many styles available. You can get all kinds of colours, different patterns, various opacities and much much more. Glass gives you the chance to stretch your style and make your kitchen personal to you.

Caring for glass splashbacks couldn’t be simpler and they are also quicker and easier to fit than tiles. Once we’ve got the measurements, cutting and installing the glass is a breeze. It’s worth bearing in mind that the more unusual glass can take a little bit longer to be delivered, but fitting it is the work of minutes.

So if you want to give your kitchen a facelift, why not get in touch with us about glass splashback? Call 01908 610007 or email sales@uk-eg.com.