Our story – why Milton Keynes?

Silbury Boulevard in Milton Keynes

As a small, family-run company, we think our story is an important part of our business. The kind of work we do, the way we operate, and even the town we are based in, are all part of what makes UK Emergency Glazing unique.

We’ve been operating in Milton Keynes for 24 years. UK Emergency Glazing founder and owner, John McCauley, moved out of North-East London in 1976 to give his family room to grow and to make the most of the opportunities this new town had to offer.

Milton Keynes was just 9 years old when John arrived. Building work was going on apace, and it wasn’t long before John saw the need for reliable, affordable glazing services in the area. With the help of an expert glazier, he learned the tricks of the trade and set up UK Emergency Glazing.

Decades later and UK Emergency Glazing is thriving almost as much as Milton Keynes itself. The town continues to grow and evolve and provides us with new and exciting business every day.

Milton Keynes is a town that rewards entrepreneurial, hard-working people. It’s a place full of potential and opportunities, and that’s why we love working here.

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