My door won’t lock – what should I do?

Handle and locking mechanism in a composite door

Let’s not waste time in this post, if your door won’t lock you need an answer, quick.

The locking mechanism may be stiff – try holding the door handle up as far as you can, and lock the door while the handle is lifted.

Alternatively, try putting all your weight behind the handle to get the lock to engage – you should hear a deep thunk. If you try now, you should be able to secure your door.

If neither of those things work, we can help. Call 01908 610007 and one of our trained door fitters will be come to your property to assist.

Door handles can sometimes get a bit stuck, and locking mechanisms can shift out of alignment. This is simply because doors will ease and warp over time, as weather conditions change. Given how temperamental the UK weather can be, it’s no surprise that these big pieces of plastic move a tiny bit. And it really does only take a tiny bit of movement to prevent a lock from working properly.

If you’ve managed to lock your door by holding up the handle, or yanking it hard, it might still be worth us having a look at it. Half an hour of adjustments by one of our trained professionals could save you a lot of stress and unnecessary difficulty in the future.

To arrange an adjustment, call 01908 610007 or email