Mirrors and mirrored doors

Full-wall bathroom mirror

Mirrors are a great addition to any home. They make spaces feel bigger, brighter and airier, without any structural work or expensive changes. But did you know that mirror is essentially glass?

To make glass reflective, a special silver film is coated onto one side, and hey presto! You’ve got mirror. This means that mirror is a lot more versatile than you might have previously thought. You don’t have to be limited to buying your mirrors in frames. If you go direct to a glass or glazing company, you can get mirror to meet any and all requirements.

It’s time to think big. Got a bare wall that you’re not sure what to do with? Adding a mirror could transform the space. Want a mirror in your bathroom without risking water damage to the frame? Affix a piece of mirror straight onto the wall. Need a full-length mirror in your bedroom but lack floorspace for a freestanding one? Get a bespoke sized mirror cut especially for you. You could even add mirror to your wardrobe doors to get the most out of a small room.

The options for mirror don’t have to be limited by frames. Break out and think a bit more creatively. No matter what the situation in your home, there’s almost certainly a way to get more light and add a sense of space with some cleverly placed mirror.

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