How can I make my house more secure?

Composite door locking mechanism: Yale lock

When you think about the security of your home, the things that usually spring to mind are locks, intruder alarms and cameras. But have you thought about how your windows and doors could come into play?

It’s a simple truth that old windows and doors aren’t as secure as their modern counterparts – especially if you’ve had them for a while. If your handle mechanisms aren’t working properly, or if your hinges are getting on a bit, then your windows could be a point of vulnerability. Similarly, older doors weren’t always designed with security in mind, and some have flaws that could mean your home isn’t as safe as you’d like.

These days, security is at the forefront of the design and production for the windows and doors we stock. Many door companies even go so far as to have guarantees in place. If you have an Ultion lock for example, and your house gets broken into via that door, they will pay out thousands in compensation. If that doesn’t scream ‘confidence’ then we don’t know what does!

But you don’t always have to go as far as replacing every window or door in your house. There are also small things you can do to help keep your house secure. Restrictors can be installed to limit how far a window can be opened, preventing access. Cleaning your hinges and window mechanisms each year will make them last longer and help provide more security.

If your windows and doors are getting on a bit, it might be time to replace them. Or, if you’re not in the market for a full overhaul on your windows and doors, a little bit of maintenance can go a long way. So give us a call on 01908 310007, or email and arrange for us to come and take a look.