Do I need safety glass?

Integrated blinds in patio doors

There are certain situations which require safety glass by law. If there’s any glass below waist-height, in or around doors and bathrooms, and in certain commercial settings or places like schools, the rules are quite tight.

First off, what is safety glass? This name refers to glass that has been specially treated so that if and when it breaks, it will shatter into lots of tiny pieces, rather than big shards with dangerous points and edges. It can also be reinforced with a mesh of wire or a layer of plastic. This keeps those tiny pieces together until the pane can be replaced.

Safety glass is required in any window or door that is less than 80cm off the ground, and any window beside a door. We also recommend safety glass be installed in bathrooms or anywhere you can slip, as well as settings where children or at-risk individuals are present.

Trained glaziers can tell if a window has been glazed with safety glass with a few tools and tricks. So if you have any concerns about glass in your home or where you work, we can come and check it for you, free of charge. Just call 01908 61007 or email