Condensation in double glazed windows

If you’ve spotted condensation or water inside your windows, don’t panic. Condensation build-up in double glazed windows is very common. Sometimes it looks more hazy, like steam, rather than actual water droplets, but that’s normal too. 

Why does condensation appear in some windows?

You will usually get cloudy windows when they get a bit older, although it can happen to new windows too. It’s an indicator that the double glazed unit inside the window frame has failed. All windows are made up of separate double glazed units, held in place by the UPVC or wooden frame

When you get misty windows, there is a tiny gap somewhere in the double glazed unit, that’s allowing moisture in. This often happens with age, as the sealant between the panes of glass starts to deteriorate, but it really can occur with any double glazed window.  

At first, it won’t look like much. It could just be a few water droplets forming on the inside of your window. But given time, it will build up, to the point where your window starts to look more like a fish tank! 

You might also notice it happening in just one section of your window. That’s because each part of your window is a separate double glazed unit, and they might not fail at the same time, or even at all.

How can I get rid of the condensation in my windows?

The only way to deal with cloudy windows is to replace the failed section of the window. As we mentioned, the moisture might only appear in one part of your window. If that’s the case, you only need to replace the affected double glazed unit. The good news is, you shouldn’t need to replace the frame.

You can replace a unit that has developed condensation at any point. The sooner you catch it, and replace it, the better insulated your home will be, but if you do have a window with quite a lot of moisture inside, it’s not a real problem, and it won’t be any harder to replace.

A glazier will need to come to your property to inspect and measure the misty window. They will then produce a new double glazed unit and come back to fit it, replacing the unit that has filled with condensation. 

Can I prevent condensation in my windows?

Double glazed windows are designed to prevent moisture from forming. The edges of the units are filled with a material that absorbs moisture, wicking it away from your window panes. However, over time, this material can become saturated and reach the point where it cannot absorb any more liquid. 

Also, as we mentioned, the sealant used to secure double glazed materials can deteriorate with age, allowing moisture between the window panes.

The best thing you can do to prevent condensation is to buy quality double glazed units from experienced and reputable companies. Unfortunately, the moisture is likely to find a way into your window, but if you opt for the best materials from reliable tradesmen, your window will last as long as possible.

If you’ve got condensation in your windows, give us a call on 01908 310007 or email to arrange for one of our glaziers to come and have a look.