Do I need safety glass?

Integrated blinds in patio doors

There are certain situations which require safety glass by law. If there’s any glass below waist-height, in or around doors and bathrooms, and in certain commercial settings or places like schools, the rules are quite tight.

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Mirrors and mirrored doors

Full-wall bathroom mirror

Mirrors are a great addition to any home. They make spaces feel bigger, brighter and airier, without any structural work or expensive changes. But did you know that mirror is essentially glass?

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My door won’t lock – what should I do?

Handle and locking mechanism in a composite door

Let’s not waste time in this post, if your door won’t lock you need an answer, quick.

The locking mechanism may be stiff – try holding the door handle up as far as you can, and lock the door while the handle is lifted.

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Splashbacks for kitchens

Clear kitchen splashback for hob

Most of the time, kitchen splashbacks are made of tile, right? The tiles on the walls of your kitchen just carry on along the back of your hob. But that’s not the only option available. If you want something a little different, why not go for a glass splashback?

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How can I make my house more secure?

Composite door locking mechanism: Yale lock

When you think about the security of your home, the things that usually spring to mind are locks, intruder alarms and cameras. But have you thought about how your windows and doors could come into play?

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Recent work – crane job

Changing first floor window with scaffold and crane

We recently changed a window on the first floor of a commercial property in the Centre MK. The job required a scaffold and a crane, in order to take out the old window pane and replace it.

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